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ARLO Dog Sprinkler Pad™

ARLO Dog Sprinkler Pad™

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🐾Anti Anxiety

🐾Promotes Socialization

🐾Prevents Heat Exhaustion

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  • ARLO Dog Sprinkler Pad™

    Regular price $49.99
    Sale price $49.99 Regular price $99.99
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avoid head exhaustion and dehydration.

ARLO Dog Sprinkler Pad™ is specially designed to keep your pup cool and happy during spring and summer! The unique sprinklers will keep them entertained for hours, all whilst ensuring they are happy, healthy and safe in the sun.

 Entertain Your Dog For Hours

ARLO Splash Pad™ sprinklers are guaranteed to entertain your dog for hours. Our pad is interactive and dogs love to watch and try to rink the sprinklers.

Positive Reactions

See your dog'soverall happiness and quality-of-life improveby using this interactive and enriching toy! With such a high rate of extremely positive reactions, we are sure that your furry friend will love it!

Easy To Set up

Set-up In 30 Seconds - Simply open out and plug the hosepipe in to begin playtime! 

A Healthy Outlet 

It is important to give your dog a healthy outlet for them to release their energy. If this is not offered, energy can often be released in unhealthy ways,It allwos them to play and drink at the same time


Overall,dog owners deal better with their dogs after using the pad


Have noticed a remarkable increase in their pets' physical activity levels since introducing the dog sprinkler pad.


Have reported that their dogs have become more sociable and eager to interact with other dogs while playing on the pad.


Have noticed a remarkable decrease in stress and anxiety levels in their dogs since incorporating the dog sprinkler pad into their routine