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ARLO Enchanted Willow Vine™

ARLO Enchanted Willow Vine™

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  • ARLO Enchanted Willow Vine™

    Regular price $49.99
    Sale price $49.99 Regular price $99.99
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Our Enchanted Willow Vine™

The Enchanted Willow Vine™ is a beautiful and elegant piece of decor that adds a touch of nature to your home. Made with high-quality materials, this vine is designed to last and can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Experience the harmonious blend of nature's serenity and the cozy warmth of home. Elevate any area with an ambiance of joy and contentment by bringing the beauty of nature indoors.


Crafted with utmost precision, the ARLO Enchanted Willow Vine™ exudes a soothing ambient glow that is neither too dim nor too intense. Its gentle radiance will infuse any space with an eternal sense of tranquility, making it the perfect addition to any room.

Elegant Home Decor

ARLO Enchanted Willow Vine™: lifelike bark, 144 warm lights, rustic modern design. Add tranquility and magic to your space with its enchanting glow.


At ARLO, we take pride in the positive impact our products have on our customers' lives. Here are six examples of how the Enchanted Willow Vine™ has enhanced our customers' living spaces


The Enchanted Willow Vine™ has helped her cope with anxiety by creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere in her bedroom.


The Enchanted Willow Vine™ has become her go-to decoration for any special occasion, as it adds a unique and magical touch to any space.


The Enchanted Willow Vine™ has helped to improve the sleep quality, as the soft ambient glow of the vine creates a calming and soothing effect

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How do I power the Willow Vine?

Unlike conventional lamps, ARLO Enchanted Willow Vine™ is powered by a universal USB cable (included), giving it a neat and tidy appearance with no restrictions.

What width/length is The Enchanted Willow Vine?

ARLO Enchanted Willow Vine is 230cm(2.3m) long.

How do I attach it to the wall?

Using the included Command Strips, you are easily able to attatch the Enchanted Willow Vine to the wall. Plus the strips are designed where they won't rip any paint off your wall, leaving them as clean as they were when you put them up.